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21 Dec : 20:58
They scrapped it in favour of "Recruit a Friend" - so it has to be a whole new account I think. I wanted to do the same for Stefan.

21 Dec : 17:33
is there still scrolls of resurection or the like - someone might as well benefit from my likely return to wow

20 Dec : 00:15

19 Dec : 20:36
Grats on the b Day BTW Jan

19 Dec : 16:02
Im thinking about leveling my old lock, or maybe transferring my monk. Havent really decided yet.

Welcome to Booty Bay Yacht Club!

Welcome to Booty Bay Yacht Club, we are a small guild of people who have played World of Warcraft together for a long time. Most of us have played WoW since the very start and have experienced raiding at the very top level from Vanilla 40 man raids in Molten Core & BWL to the batling on into the new MOP content, and ofcourse visiting all other raid challenges along the way.

We are all about having fun, but we do have a serious approach towards raiding and focus on progress.

Thank you for dropping in and enjoy the game
Siege of Ogrimmar 12/14
Stefan, Monday 27 January 2014 - 22:54:02 // comment: 0

Siege of Ogrimmar 11/14
Stefan, Friday 24 January 2014 - 01:42:15 // comment: 2

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