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16 Aug : 12:57
I agree Stefan - I miss the group of people not the game - i'd love to have that feeling I had for wow back in 2004/5 but its just not there anymore

10 Aug : 07:31
Whatever games i try out i find myself missing "the gang" =) So unless we all start playing again it's not going to be a great experience anytime soon =)

08 Aug : 09:52
I've been trying to find a game to "get on with".

I reinstalled Fallout 4 but can't get into it.
I've tried SPAZ 2 (bit repetitive), For The King (bit clunky/ aggravating), Streets of Rogue (needs more than 3 levels)... I think if I had time for WoW I'd probably play it - I just cant commit to the time sink!

HS is a weird one cos I don't like losing (ha) so I feel like I can't play it properly, I keep wanting to quit whilst i'm ahead.

07 Aug : 14:44
Just teasing you =) I'm not playing anything atm. Actually nothing...

07 Aug : 11:32
Its like playing chess, bridge or backgammon but it have a wow spin on it - they are seriously intelligent with the card development - give it a chance

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Welcome to Booty Bay Yacht Club!

Welcome to Booty Bay Yacht Club, we are a small guild of people who have played World of Warcraft together for a long time. Most of us have played WoW since the very start and have experienced raiding at the very top level from Vanilla 40 man raids in Molten Core & BWL to the batling on into the new MOP content, and ofcourse visiting all other raid challenges along the way.

We are all about having fun, but we do have a serious approach towards raiding and focus on progress.

Thank you for dropping in and enjoy the game
News cleanup
Stefan, Tuesday 22 March 2016 - 15:43:55 // comment: 0

Deleted all the old news because most of the old images were missing anyway.

I've gathered the images i could salvage here