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23 Feb : 17:18
I did preorder Battle for Azeroth. Now lvl a void elf monk

23 Feb : 17:17
Better version of the Draenei male song
https:// /watch? v=APK2iGKK7gs

01 Feb : 15:45
Not sure =)

29 Jan : 22:30
Soooooooooo.... ..... anyone else tempted by Battle for Azeroth? .. I hate missing out on major stuff... usually...

11 Nov : 19:51
I doubt it. I don't know how many we actually have playing but I have a feeling it's not that many.

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Welcome to Booty Bay Yacht Club!

Welcome to Booty Bay Yacht Club, we are a small guild of people who have played World of Warcraft together for a long time. Most of us have played WoW since the very start and have experienced raiding at the very top level from Vanilla 40 man raids in Molten Core & BWL to the batling on into the new MOP content, and ofcourse visiting all other raid challenges along the way.

We are all about having fun, but we do have a serious approach towards raiding and focus on progress.

Thank you for dropping in and enjoy the game
News cleanup
Stefan, Tuesday 22 March 2016 - 16:43:55 // comment: 0

Deleted all the old news because most of the old images were missing anyway.

I've gathered the images i could salvage here